Organize your cards

Check out how to organize with lumio in the video below.


See your full highlight or image

When you save long highlights you’ll see only five rows on a card first. Click ‘Show more’ to see your whole selection.

Click the image on a card to see the full image in the sidebar.



Add notes

Click the note icon on a card to add a note. Notes are saved automatically.

You’ll be able to search in your notes too.


Add cards to collections

Click the four little squares on a card to add the card to an existing or to new collections.

A card can be added to any number of collections.

When you save a new card, lumio displays your latest three collections to help you add the new card to them.



Green dots right below the icons tell you if there's a note or a collection added to a card.



Open saved content in reader

When you save a highlight, an image or a page, lumio saves the whole textual content as well as images, videos and links in the main content of the source web page. You can access all saved content in a built-in reader. Click ‘Open in reader’ in the ‘More actions’ menu on a card.

You can search in all information that is accessible in lumio’s reader view.


Organize your data on any computer

On any computer, tablet or mobile device, if you sign in the lumio web app, you'll access all data saved with lumio.


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