Save text, images, screenshots, web pages and videos from the web

Check out how to save with lumio in the video below.

When you save a highlight, an image or a page, lumio saves the whole textual content as well as images, videos and links in the main content of the source web page.

You’ll be able to search in all saved content.


See multiple highlights from one page together

Click on the source link on any of the cards, lumio will open the source page on a new tab and will show you all your highlights on the page. (Just wait a second, lumio will scroll the page to the actual highlight automatically.)



Save screenshots from any web page

Click the screenshot icon then click and hold the cursor to select the area you need for the screenshot.



Save videos as web pages

Click ‘Save page’ on any YouTube or Vimeo links to save the video.


Hide the save button when not needed

Want to turn off lumio? Is the save button sometimes in the way?

Right-click the toolbar icon, then select 'Hide lumio save buttons' at the top of the list.

You will still be able to save with lumio via the right-click context menu.

Find 'Show lumio save buttons' the same place later.


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